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I came to Chris with a mixture of anxieties, feeling stressed, paranoid and generally lost.
Since working with Chris I can whole heartedly say I no longer feel this way.
Chris is so patient in his approach and has a way of teaching that puts you at ease. His methods are amazing!
With Chris you will learn how to deal with situations that would normally cause stress or anxiety. He gives you the right tools to deal with them.
I have never felt so free in my whole life. I still have work to do on myself, but I know with Chris's guidance I will overcome these and live a free life.

Laura May Ward

I would highly recommend Core 3.

I have been training with Chris for nearly 2 years and he has helped me considerably.


Chris is friendly, patient and it is clear that he cares about what he does. Chris takes a holistic approach examining not only strength and fitness but also lifestyle, stress management and nutrition.


Whatever your goals are, he will work with you to achieve your potential. I really like how Chris is willing to explain why he has chosen the exercises he has and he works hard to make the sessions interesting and energising.


Unlike previous gym programmes I have experienced each and every session is carefully planned to motivate me and suit my individual needs and I love the fact that each session is different and I always end up finishing with more energy than I started with.

Rachel Bensichke

I have been training with Chris for some time and I can't rate him highly enough. His knowledge is second to none and I have learnt so much about improving posture, fitness, technique and improving myself also psychologically and mentally.


My confidence in my ability to train and in myself in general has improved significantly and my outlook on life has changed for the better. Chris is really supportive and enthusiastic about you achieving your personal goals and is passionate about helping you become the best version of yourself.


I look forward to continuing my journey with Core 3.

Sam Mears

I’ve been working with Chris on a 121 basis since May and I’m absolutely loving the results.

For years I’ve maintained a basic level of fitness, but for one reason or another (the usual excuses!) I’ve never pushed myself to the next level. I knew that I was always capable, but with no structure and no CONSISTENCY the body never seemed to change.

Like many, I was guilty of gravitating back to the exercises I felt most comfortable doing (in my case running) and whilst this would help shed some weight and make me feel a little better from time to time, I was still lacking the results I wanted.

Since being with Chris I’ve developed a new way of training. Every session is different and he has me working the whole body! His sessions are always well planned out and tailored to my individual needs. He explains every movement and will positively critique to ensure my form is never compromised.

Aside from the training, Chris is just a brilliant human being and I would highly recommend his services to anyone!

Neil Ward

I started working with Chris over four years ago because I wasn’t able to pick up my grandkids as my back was so weak.


I wouldn’t have believed that I would still be coming to him twice every week - and looking forward to it! He changes the routine every single time, and adapts the plan if I need him to.


He has transformed my fitness and strength, and I’m able to do so much more and remain active and independent. I hugely recommend Core 3

Judy Bruck

I went to Chris after suffering with lower back and sciatica.


The constant pain was really starting to wear me down but after spending some time assessing my mobility and movement patterns I was given a comprehensive programme of exercises that really helped to correct any posture and strength imbalances that I had. I am now pain free and feel better than ever.

Chris offers a holistic service focusing on mind, body and spirit. I have so much more awareness of my body and how it works which has really driven me to take more care of it. 100% recommend.

Sophie Ryder

Have been training with Chris for over two years. I wanted a dynamic exercise approach to training and Core 3 format is ideal.

Chris is a great motivator his programme adjusts both to physical and mental state and the exercises are infinitely adjustable so you are NEVER bored.

His focus on technique ensures even those with injuries can exercise without damage.

Watch this space for new workshops stretch sessions and a holistic approach to healthy exercising

Ruth Palmer

I’ve been training with Chris for some time now; a solid testament to his professional, friendly & flexible approach and commitment to maintaining progression for his clients.


I can genuinely say that my core strength, flexibility and mobility has been transformed & would have no hesitation in recommending.

Glyn Stalker