The Core 3 Philosophy is based around a holistic lifestyle & corrective exercise coaching system designed to educate & empower you with the tools to become your own solution. We are committed to helping individuals and if you have been looking for a long-term solution to pain, anxiety & poor health or wanting to take control of all aspects of your life to promote optimal wellbeing then we provide a service that is by far the most comprehensive in the Holistic Health & Wellness industry.

As a globally-recognised CHEK facility, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest levels of service through our programs. Our Practitioners are leaders in their profession and Core 3 Wellness has been built upon the results we have achieved working with each of our clients.

Through our experience of coaching, treating, research and education with leaders in the industry, we have the tools and techniques to firstly identify the root cause, create the solution, then empower the client to take back control of their lives.